Two drivers were rushed to the hospital after being injured in a serious intersection collision. The accident happened at the intersection of Genesee Avenue and Eastgate Mall. One of the drivers was trapped in his car and had to be removed with the jaws of life. The collision is under investigation, but was between a Honda sedan and a Dodge Ram pickup truck. The pickup truck driver was reportedly a construction worker who had been working at a nearby construction site just before the crash.

Intersection Accidents are Common
Intersection accidents are the most common type of crash. One driver may run a red light, or try to beat the yellow. The other driver travels into the intersection at the same time and the result can be a serious crash. The vehicles may be traveling at a speed limit when the impact occurs. In this instance, it was noted that one vehicle was hit on the driver’s side and was pushed all the way up onto an embankment.

Serious Injuries Caused by Intersection Accidents
As in this instance, injuries from intersection accidents can be quite severe. These types of accidents are called “T-bone” crashes. One vehicle hits directly into the side of the other, forming a “T”. Often, the driver’s side is the one that is hit with great force. This can cause serious injuries to the driver. Many times, the vehicle is crushed and crumples around the driver, making it impossible for them to exit.

The rescuers in this case had to use tools to cut off the roof of the car and break the windshield in order to reach the victim. The victim’s injuries were unknown. Similar crashes leave drivers with serious head injuries, back and neck injuries, broken bones, and spinal injuries. Some injuries are life-threatening and may be permanently disabling.

Prevention of Intersection Accidents
Intersection accidents are more likely to occur in some intersections than in others. The speed limit, length of the green, red, and yellow lights, and the volume of traffic are all factors that can make an intersection dangerous. Drivers need to be particularly cautious in areas where they cannot readily see the other drivers. For example, the view may be blocked by another vehicle, making it hard to see oncoming cars.

Drivers should be careful when making a turn at an intersection. Always wait until you are sure that the oncoming traffic will stop before completing your turn. Providing a special turning lane that only allows drivers to turn on an arrow may help to improve intersection safety. Vehicles with side air bags provide the best protection for drivers involved in intersection accidents.

Intersection accidents can be quite dangerous. If you were involved in a severe crash, you may need to take legal action. The negligent driver should be held responsible for your damages. Contact the experienced legal team at the Law Office of Patrick G. Shea to schedule a consultation today.


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