Your Southern California Attorney for Truck Accidents

You need an experienced attorney with extensive resources if you are the victim of a commercial truck crash in Southern California. There may be multiple parties responsible for the injuries you have sustained. There may be multiple vehicles involved and massive trucking companies with lawyers committed to refusing to pay a fair settlement for your suffering and damages. At The Law Office of Patrick G. Shea, APC, our personal injury department is extremely experienced in such complex areas of law and have the investigators, expert witnesses and other resources necessary to pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

We know that these types of cases are legally complex and may involve catastrophic injuries. Your need for maximum compensation is extremely serious and you need lawyers who are well-prepared for the challenges. What makes truck accident litigation so complex?

  • A trucking company may be headquartered in another state or even in another country
  • An insurance company for the trucking company may aggressively fight to deny liability
  • Maintenance records for the truck may have to be demanded to ensure the vehicle was safe
  • The vehicles involved in the crash may have manufacturer defects
  • The driver of the truck may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, overworked or undertrained
  • The load that the semi was carrying may have been improperly secured

The list of complications goes on and on. Finding the truth requires diligence, experience and access to highly refined expertise. The Law Office of Patrick G. Shea, APC has the qualities necessary to investigate and successfully litigate these types of lawsuits. We often achieve success for our clients without going to trial but we are a proven trial law firm as well. No matter what is necessary to help our clients win, we are prepared.

We Accept Truck Injury Cases on Contingency: We Collect Nothing Unless we Win

You may be struggling with catastrophic injuries suffered during a crash on a Southern California freeway that involved a commercial truck. Call us for a free consultation and we will give you candid advice and answer your most pressing questions. We will listen to the details of your case and offer peace of mind that comes from having an experienced firm on your side.

Commercial Truck Crashes

Because we accept cases on contingency, we will be completely honest about your chances of winning. If your case has merit and we represent you, we will dedicate our resources and proven legal skill to helping you obtain maximum compensation.