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While children are not the only people to suffer in pool accidents, the vast majority of serious injuries and wrongful deaths that result from such are kids under 5. If such a tragedy has occurred within your family, we are the Southern California Law Firm that will provide best the support. Because we focus on the most challenging legal cases, we may be able to help you get compensation and justice in these difficult lawsuits.

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When a drowning accident occurs in a Southern California pool, determining liability may be challenging. Identifying all parties responsible for your family’s grief and suffering will be our goal so that you gain maximum compensation. When we conduct an investigation we will ask the following:

  • If the victim was under the care of a guardian other than their own parents, did that guardian fail in their duty?
  • Was the pool, spa, wading pool or other water source adequately fenced and made inaccessible to an at-risk swimmer?
  • If a fence was installed, was it manufactured properly? Was it maintained in good working order?
  • Was the pool vacuum suction adequately covered to prevent entrapment drowning?
  • If the pool was public, in a housing complex, or at a resort or hotel, was it kept clean and clear so that struggling victim could be easily spotted and rescued?
  • If lifeguards were on duty, were they properly vetted and trained? Were they negligent in their duties?

These are just a few of the questions our law firm and specialized independent investigators will ask. Every detail of your case, every witness, and every moment before, during and after the pool accident may hold clues to determining liability. We will diligently investigate them all and pressure the offending parties to fairly compensate your family.

Drowning Accidents Lead to Significant Injuries

While many victims of drowning accidents do perish, we can hold accountable those responsible for a wrongful death, when someone lives through a near-drowning incident, they may have significant medical needs. Drowning-related brain injuries can lead to paralysis and arrested cognitive development. An insurer may be resistant to paying the substantial amount of compensation necessary in such cases. Our lawyers and legal team know how to demand justice.

Typically we are able to obtain fair settlements without going to trial but if the offending party and their insurance company will not offer a fair settlement, we will fight for you at trial. No matter how much time and effort it requires, we will be your diligent allies as we fight for justice and compensation on your behalf.