Hit-and-Run Car Accidents in Southern California Occur much too Frequently

If you or a family member have been hit by a car on a San Diego street or Los Angeles roadway and the driver fled the scene, you are not alone. You need an aggressive attorney who will be a tireless advocate for these accidents which occur with disturbing frequency in Southern California. The combination of uninsured drivers, the amount of people on the road, and a mix of motorcyclists and bicyclists create extremely dangerous conditions. Even if a driver who struck you does stop but they have no insurance, the compensation you need for medical bills may be extremely difficult to obtain. If the driver fled the scene, compensation may be even more difficult to get if they are never found.

At The Law Office of Patrick G. Shea, APC, we know how to pursue the compensation you need for accidents that involve uninsured motorists or hit-and-run drivers. These cases often put you against your own insurance company because they may be unwilling to offer a fair amount for you injuries. Though your own insurance should cover you in such cases, they may not. Furthermore, especially if catastrophic injuries are involved, you need a Southern California personal injury lawyer who knows how to find all sources of compensation:

  • City or municipal governments that did not maintain roadways or crosswalks
  • Safety gear manufacturers such as bike helmet companies that produced a defective product
  • Construction companies that made a street corner unsafe for pedestrians
  • Insurance companies that practice insurance bad faith and may be liable for punitive damages

If you are the victim or a hit-and-run accident or the driver who hit you was uninsured or underinsured, call The Law Office of Patrick G. Shea, APC for a free consultation: 619-528-4550.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage in California Should Cover your Costs

Uninsured motorist coverage in California should cover your costs, but your insurance company may become combative and not offer a fair settlement of your claim if the other driver was uninsured or left the scene of the accident. Whether you are driving, walking, riding a bike or on a motorcycle, your own insurance should provide the financial support you need because, likely, you carry uninsured motorist coverage. But your insurance company may become an opponent rather than an advocate in such cases.

We will seek maximum compensation for you in any case you may have. Hit-and-run cases can become legally complex and medically expensive. Trust us to help you get the support you need, guide you through the process and aggressively protect your best interests. Our personal injury department is available for free consultations and free case evaluations. If we take your case, we only collect attorneys’ fees if we win. So if we take your case, you can feel confident knowing we expect to win the settlement or judgment that you deserve.