Work-Related Stress Induced Injuries

If you have suffered from occupational stress requiring a leave of absence and loss of income, our San Diego workers’ compensation department can help you recover the compensation that you need and deserve. We are also an exceptionally experienced personal injury law firm representing people who have been injured while not at their workplace. Whether you have been injured on the job or off, we have the skill and history of success needed to help you get compensation. We have recovered tens of millions of dollars for injured clients throughout southern California. Stress-induced injuries can be legally challenging when liability is concerned but we know how to get results.

Psychological injuries can result in a number of ways. In the workplace, stress can give rise to a claim of a psychological injury. The employer in question will try to deny coverage for these claims by arguing that the stress was in response to good faith personnel actions. They may deny the employees need for compensation. We know how to challenge their argument.

Depression and PTSD often Accompany Accidents & Physical Injuries

In addition to workplace claims related to stress and psychological suffering, a psychological claim can also arise from the stress and sorrow associated with physical injury resulting from a car accident, slip-and-fall incident or any other trauma. This additional suffering may justify seeking additional recompense from the individual or entity that caused the initial trauma. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”) can arise after a traumatic event and our firm has a very good understanding of the science behind the diagnosis of such a claim. Our legal team also has relationships with physicians treating this disorder. Call now if you feel you have suffered a psychological injury. Our firm has handled hundreds of such workers’ compensation and personal injury claims.

Having a skilled attorney such as Patrick and a resourceful legal team on your side can make a dramatic difference in your chances of success with a lawsuit or claim for benefits. Many times, a letter from The Law Office of Patrick G. Shea, APC. is enough for a liable party to provide compensation. In negotiations for settlement, we are highly successful. And if a trial is necessary, Patrick is a seasoned trial attorney who prepares diligently and presents evidence persuasively. If you have questions about a claim or even if you are simply wondering if you have a case, reach out to us as soon as possible.