From San Diego to Los Angeles, our Firm Represents Injured Riders

Whether on a sand dune in Glamis or on the streets of El Cajon, if you have been injured on a motorcycle in Southern California, our motorcycle injury attorney has the experience and the resources to help you fight for maximum compensation. Injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash are rarely minor and may even lead to wrongful death. In these types of cases, insurance companies, vehicle manufacturers and even other drivers who may have caused a crash may all deny liability. They may resist paying fair compensation for serious injuries. They may aggressively fight to avoid offering a settlement. We know how to fight back.

The medical bills, lost wages and other long-term costs can be substantial after a motorcycle crash. Neck and back injuries, traumatic brain injury, broken limbs and burns may all lead to the need for life-long medical attention and massive adjustments to life-style. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident anywhere in Southern California, contact our law firm, we have the ability and the experience to protect your best interests and pursue maximum compensation on your behalf. With the right settlement, you will be able to live a life of dignity and have access to high-quality medical care while never incurring an out-of-pocket expense related to your motorcycle crash.

As a former insurance company attorney and a current experienced personal injury lawyer in San Diego and Los Angeles, Patrick Shea, as well as hist staff have the skills you need.

Many Parties may be Liable for your Injuries: All may owe you Compensation

Patrick Shea, support staff, expert investigators and engineers will analyze every detail of your case and identify all liable parties who contributed to your pain and suffering. A negligent car driver may have swerved into your lane and caused a motorcycle crash, yet this is only one possible cause of a motorcycle accident and the injuries that relate to it. There are many other possible causes. Whether you were on an ATV, off-road vehicle, or street bike, we will pursue all parties responsible for your suffering. Some examples:

  • ATV, ORV or bike manufacturers that produced a defective product
  • A city government that failed to keep road conditions safe
  • Construction companies that did not mark a construction zone clearly
  • Safety gear manufacturers that failed to make high-quality helmets or other gear
  • Tire or parts manufacturers who produced components below acceptable standards

Of course a driver who caused your injuries should be held accountable if they made a tragic mistake behind the wheel. But our experienced firm knows how to dig deeper and identify all organizations or individuals who may have contributed to your pain and suffering. You may require substantial compensation and we know how to help you pursue it.