A motorcyclist died after getting into an accident with a pickup truck. The crash happened along a stretch of State Road 79 in Santa Ysabel. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. CHP officers were on the scene investigating the circumstances that caused the fatal crash.

Motorcycle Fatalities Continue to Rise
Despite continuing safety efforts, fatal motorcycle accidents continue to rise. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, fatal motorcycle accidents increased 12% in 2014. There were 463 motorcycle fatalities in 2013 compared with 519 in 2014, the most recent year for which there are available statistics. The number of fatalities per 100,000 registrations increased from 54 in 2013 to 60 in 2014.

Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents
When a motorcycle collides with another vehicle, the rider may suffer severe injuries. Head injuries are often the most severe type of injuries sustained in an accident and may result in a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Other injuries include broken bones, contusions, lacerations, back and neck injuries, and internal injuries. Unfortunately, some accidents are fatal, as this incident was.

Reasons for Motorcycle Crashes
Motorcycle crashes often happen when other vehicles fail to see the rider. Motorcycles are smaller than cars and can easily get into the blind spot of other drivers. Crashes may occur when another vehicle changes lanes and fails to see that a motorcycle is in the way. Other times, a car or truck rear ends a motorcycle. Some intersections are dangerous for motorcyclists when other drivers are unable to see the rider until it is too late to stop.

Prevention of Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcycle accidents can be prevented. Motorcycle riders must drive defensively and be acutely aware of other nearby vehicles. It is best to drive at a safe speed and not to drive while impaired. Always wear a motorcycle helmet to reduce the risk of a serious head injury should an accident occur. Do not weave in and out of traffic, and never ride on the shoulder. Take a motorcycle safety class to brush up your riding skills and on the latest traffic laws.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident
Many motorcycle accidents are quite serious. It is always necessary to seek medical attention immediately. Call the police and make a report. The police will evaluate the accident scene, take witness statements, and gather information. If necessary, accident reconstruction may be needed to determine the exact cause and responsibility for the crash.

Contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal options. In some cases you may need to file a claim to ensure that you get compensation for your damages. This may include money for medical treatment, rehabilitation, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. The law limits the time to file a lawsuit, so do not wait to talk to an attorney.

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