Pedestrian accidents are among the most common types of crashes in the San Diego area. A recent hit and run crash emphasizes the need for increased safety for pedestrians and drivers. A pedestrian was hit and killed on Albemarle Street at Seabreeze Drive in the Paradise Hills area. The vehicle that hit the man stopped only briefly and then sped away, according to reports.

Man Struck Outside His Home
The man was outside of his home at the time of the crash. He had just left his home to go to his vehicle, which was parked on the street. The unknown driver struck two parked vehicles and then struck the man. The man was lying on top of the car for as it traveled up to 40 feet before he slid off. Some neighbors heard the accident and ran outside to find the man lying on the ground. They performed CPR but the man died at the scene.

Crash is Under Investigation
The police are continuing to investigate the crash. Reports indicate that the police retrieved security camera video which includes the suspect’s vehicle. The car is a silver Toyota sedan with a sunroof. The car has damage to the front driver’s side and the driver’s side mirror is gone. The car was last seen traveling east on Albemarle Street. The accident occurred at about 7:30 AM on January 18, 2017.

Witnesses Indicate Speed May Have Been a Factor
Speed may have been a factor in the accident, as it is in many pedestrian crashes. Witnesses state that they notice vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed quite often. This causes a dangerous situation, especially to those who are walking or crossing the street. Speeding creates a hazardous condition because the driver is sometimes unable to maintain control of the vehicle. As in this case, the vehicle veered out of the lane and into parked cars and a pedestrian.

Pedestrian Injuries and Deaths
Pedestrians can be seriously injured or killed by drivers when they are negligent. In this case, the driver is likely responsible for the accident due to negligence. The driver was probably traveling too fast and was not in control of his car. When the driver is located, he may be charged criminally and may be cited for violations including leaving the scene of an accident.

Victim’s Family Could Seek Legal Action
If the driver is located, the victim’s family may seek legal action against him. The family may be entitled to compensation for the man’s injuries, medical expenses, funeral costs, and other damages. These damages may include loss of life, and loss of wages due to his life being cut short. The man was married and also leaves behind a young son. The boy is now deprived of growing up with his father, and may also suffer financially. A legal claim seeks justice for the victim’s loved ones.

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