Traffic-related accidents are often serious. A recent report states that one person is seriously hurt, or killed, every day in San Diego in a vehicle, pedestrian, or bicycle accident. A special group was formed last year to develop a plan to reduce the number of accidents and injuries. The plan, called Vision Zero, has a goal of zero traffic-related deaths by 2025. Towards that end, Vision Zero task force met this summer to continue working on the plan.

Action Plan for 2017
The task force developed an action plan for 2017. The goal is to implement a yearly strategy that addresses the areas of engineering, education, and enforcement. The strategic plan includes goals or initiatives, a summary for implementation, and a timeline for completion. The task force works with governmental agencies, departments, and others. A number of changes have already been put into place over the last five years. The group wants to decrease traffic accidents and fatalities by at least 5% every year.

Engineering Action Plan
Next year’s engineering plan includes a variety of initiatives. There is an ongoing plan to form an internal training program through a professional organization. One of the most important parts of the entire vision zero initiative is to improve the safety on University Avenue, which has been the location of many serious accidents and fatalities. In 2017, the planning phase is to be completed. The safety changes are designed to create a more spacious area where vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists can coexist more safely.

Education Action Plan
The task force will identify and apply for grants and other funding opportunities that will help pay for the requirements of the initiative. Additionally, they will work with local groups to increase awareness of the initiative. The task force is planning a series of exposés and will develop a media strategy in partnership with the City of San Diego Communication Department.

Enforcement Action Plan
Traffic safety enforcement is an integral part of the initiative to improve safety and reduce the number of accidents and injuries. Next year, the task force plans to work with legislators to improve the ignition interlock program for convicted drunk drivers. They also plan to identify the top five leading causes of serious accidents, and target the enforcement of citations in these areas. Additionally, the group will use grants to improve enforcement in high priority corridors.


Reducing Traffic-Related Injuries and Fatalities
These are just some of the highlights of the Vision Zero plan. The complete details of the Vision Zero task force can be found here. While the group is working hard to reduce and eventually eliminate injuries and fatalities, there are still incidents that happen. Those who are victims of serious accidents may be entitled to compensation from the responsible party. Some of the damages that may be recovered include such things as medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and money for pain and suffering.

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