Southern California offers some of the most beautiful weather and breathtaking scenery in the country. One of the best ways to get around is by motorcycle. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can happen and when they do, they are often quite serious. Because motorcycle riders are virtually unprotected, they can suffer severe injuries even from relatively minor accidents. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, OTS, the number of fatalities from motorcycle accidents continues to rise.

Serious Injuries
When a motorcycle is involved in a crash with another vehicle, the motorcyclist is often severely injured. Some of the most common injuries include broken bones, fractured ribs, head trauma, neck and spinal cord injuries, back injuries, and injuries to the internal organs. Immediate medical treatment is necessary. The injuries may be life-threatening and some may cause life-long disabilities. The costs for medical care and subsequent treatment can be extremely high. Compensation should be paid to the victim by the responsible driver.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents
There are a number of factors that may contribute to a motorcycle accident. Some accidents may occur due to the motorcycle rider or the motorcycle itself, while others may be caused by the carelessness of another driver. For example, road conditions may be poor due to neglectful maintenance, defects in the motorcycle or improperly performed repairs could be to blame. Many times, motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the motorcyclist. Most accidents with motorcycles are caused by the negligence of other drivers who fail to see the motorcycle rider.

Prevention of Motorcycle Accidents
Motorcycle accidents can be prevented. Motorcyclists cannot control other drivers, but they can take safety precautions to ensure their safety while on the roads. These factors will help keep you safe on the roads.
● Get a Motorcycle License
● Wear a Helmet
● Wear Protective Clothing
● Take a Motorcycle Rider’s Class
● Practice Defensive Driving
● Maintain Proper Speed
● Do not Drink and Drive

Liability in Motorcycle Accidents
Typically, the driver responsible for the accident is at fault and his insurance must pay the victim. In California, the law allows for shared blame of accidents. In other words, the accident may be partially the fault of all drivers involved. Contributory liability means that a percentage of fault is established for each party. Any damages sustained will be assessed according to each party’s portion of responsibility. For example, in an accident with two drivers, one may be found 90% responsible for the accident while the other driver is 10% responsible. This will come into play when seeking compensation for injuries in an accident.

Seek Legal Help
The last thing on your mind after a serious motorcycle accident may be litigation. Yet it may be necessary to make a legal claim to ensure that you and your family are properly compensated for the damages. A victim may be entitled to money for medical costs, rehabilitation, and for future care expenses. Additionally, the victim should receive money for lost wages or for a permanent disability. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident you likely have many questions and concerns. Contact the experienced legal team at the Law Office of Patrick G. Shea to schedule a consultation today.


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