Vehicles are equipped with a number of safety devices that are designed to help decrease the likelihood of accidents and injuries. Turn signals have been in use on cars for almost a century. When a car did not have a working turn signal, drivers were required to use hand signals to indicate turns. Even though turn signals are standard on all vehicles today, many people still do not use them. The failure to use turn signals is often the cause of serious accidents and injuries.

Turn Signal Video Went Viral
A state trooper in Indiana recently posted a video that explains the use of turn signals. The video, which is humorous but also informative, has been viewed more than 14 million times so far. The video explains how to use your turn signals, but also emphasizes that not using them is dangerous. While simple in its message, it states that drivers can prevent accidents by simply utilizing their turn signals.

Failure to Use Turn Signals is Dangerous
Although many studies regarding distracted driving have been done, the impact of the failure to use turn signals has rarely been reviewed. One comprehensive study of the use of turn signals was completed in 2012 by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The study indicates that a number of vehicle crashes are caused by the failure to use turn signals. What is shocking is that the study found that more accidents were caused by a lack of turn signal use than by distracted driving.

Use Turn Signals to Avoid Accidents
The use of turn indicators will help drivers avoid accidents. Turn signals indicate your intention to other drivers. Driving defensively requires the ability to view the turn signals of other drivers so an accident can be evaded. Turn signals must be used for turning corners and, most importantly, for lane changes. It is essential to ensure that your turn signals are functioning properly before you get behind the wheel. Remember that the failure to use a turn signal is a traffic offense, and you could be ticketed for it.

Serious Accidents Due to Failure to Use Signals
Various types of accidents can occur simply because a driver did not use his or her turn indicator. For example, a vehicle waiting to turn in front of traffic does not properly show other drivers his intention, and could cause a dangerous t-bone crash. When a car changes lanes on the road, other drivers need to be aware. If a driver signals a move, other drivers can be sure to leave space for the car. Drivers who fail to use turn signals while traveling at a high rate of speed could end up in serious accidents. By using turn signals, drivers become more aware of their own actions, and drive more attentively overall.

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