The holiday season is usually one of joy, but sometimes an accident can cause a severe injury and mar the festivities. One common cause of accidents around the holidays is the use of defective products. When we buy toys, games, electronics, appliances, and other items, we expect them to be fully tested and working properly. They are not supposed to cause us harm or injuries. Unfortunately, some items are hazardous and can be a source of danger.

Defective Toys and Electronics
Last year, the popular consumer electronic item, Hover Board, caused many incidents of property damage and personal injury. The units were frequently catching fire, sometimes while people were riding them. Many of the boards burst into flames while they were being charged. Some people were injured and several homes were severely damaged due to fire caused by the defective products. These types of injuries can occur with almost any type of electronic item or toy that is not adequately manufactured.

Injuries From Defective Products
Defective products can cause a wide range of injuries from minor cuts and scrapes, to broken bones, lacerations, and severe burns. While most products do not cause serious harm, once in a while they can. For example, recently a washing machine door “exploded” off the appliance with great force, and a cell phone caught fire while in the owner’s pocket. In some instances, these injuries may require lifelong treatment or may be disabling or disfiguring.

Prevention of Injuries from Dangerous Products
It is important that you read and follow the directions included with any product before you use it. There may be specific warnings that must be heeded. Here are some other important tips for preventing injuries from dangerous products.

● Check for recalls before operating a toy, electronic product, or appliance
● Verify that electronic items have the UL approval
● Do not purchase cheap knock-offs
● Inspect products before allowing children to play with them
● Do not leave products charging while you are not home
● Read all instructions thoroughly before using any product
● Supervise children when they play with toys

If you notice any problems with an item that is not performing properly, stop use and contact the manufacturer.

What to Do if You are Hurt by a Defective Product
Injuries from defective products may require extensive and costly medical care. The victim may be unable to work because of the injury. Serious injuries could result in the need for long-term care. The manufacturer may be responsible for any injuries and damages that have occurred. Find an attorney with experience working on defective product cases. These cases may be rather complex, but a skilled lawyer will gather the necessary documentation and help get you the money you need to pay for your expenses. Additionally, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and other costs.

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