Injured In A Car Accident? We Can Help.

Southern California is consistently jammed with buses, cars, trucks, motorcycles and pedestrians. This makes traffic accidents more commonplace here than nearly any other place in the nation. Across the state, there are many personal injury law firms that focus on car accidents and vehicle crash injuries. The Law Office of Patrick G. Shea, APC, in San Diego, is also focused on these types of cases but we also offer a unique approach that greatly benefits the client.

Our founding attorney, Patrick Shea, is a former insurance defense attorney and has seen personal injury cases from the other side. Such an experience can be beneficial to your case. Additionally, we have recovered more than $50 million for our injured clients throughout California. We also prioritize personal service. From the moment you call our firm for a free case evaluation and consultation, you will be welcomed into an environment where your rights and your recovery are clearly the priority.

Attorneys With Vast Experience And Extensive Resources

Patrick Shea has been a successful personal injury attorney since 1999, and our office has years of experience even before forming this firm. We are more than the average “mill” as our extraordinary attorney and highly skilled staff are highly sought-after for our commitment to every client’s personal goals. We are also much sought-after for our record of success. Much of this success is based upon victory in auto accident injury cases. Our success is, in part, based upon legal skill in negotiations and at trial, and is also the result of knowing which resources to use. Our resources include:

  • Access to highly skilled accident scene investigators
  • Deep resources to continue to fight against massive insurance companies and their legal teams
  • Life care planners who will calculate the maximum compensation injury victims need for wheelchairs, home and vehicle adaptations, lost wages and other short- and long-term needs
  • Mechanical engineers, metallurgists, city planners and other experts to testify on our clients’ behalf
  • Relationships with specialized doctors who can independently analyze the cause of injuries and appropriate treatment

We are prepared to help you. Our office will take the time to listen to the details of your situation and will use our years of legal experience to help pursue your goals. In car crash cases, we know the right questions to ask, the appropriate evidence to gather and the right resources to call upon. We know how to get results. No matter how many resources we allocate to your case and no matter how long it takes to help you achieve your goals after a car crash, we will not collect fees unless we win.

Act Now; Call Our Office Today

If you are unsure if you have a case, if you have already been turned down by another law firm, or if you simply have gotten frustrated with the bureaucracy and red tape when dealing with insurance companies, contact us at 619-489-7153 for advice, support and guidance.