How do you prove a slip-and-fall case?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | Personal Injury |

If you fall when you’re on someone else’s property, you should be able to make a slip-and-fall claim against them. Whether or not your case will result in compensation will depend on a number of factors, one of which is if the property owner was negligent.

There are all kinds of reasons why people slip and fall. Some include:

  • Slipping on wet floors
  • Sliding and falling on a newly polished floor
  • Tripping on torn carpet
  • Falling down wet stairs
  • Slipping on broken stairs
  • Debris in busy walkways

If you fall because of these or other reasons, then it’s important to let the property owner know. If they are not available, contact staff members or the manager on site, so you can inform them of the fall and the need for medical attention.

Will the property owner be liable?

It’s possible that the property owner could be liable. You will need to show that their negligence led to your injuries. To do that, show that:

  • The property owner knew about the conditions that led to your injuries but failed to do anything to fix the
  • The owner or staff created a situation that caused dangerous circumstances
  • The owner or staff should have known about the conditions being dangerous

If you can show that the property owner should have known about the conditions or did know about them and did nothing to prevent injuries, then they could be held liable for your medical care, lost wages and other damages.

What should you do after a fall?

After a fall, your health is the priority. You need to inform the property owner about the injury if you can. If not, try to document the injury by calling 911 and having emergency support come to the scene.

After you do this, go to the hospital to have a physical exam. The medical provider there can get you started on a treatment protocol, so you can begin to heal.

Once you’re stable, you can begin looking into your legal options and take steps to resolve your case. Make sure to make your claim soon, so you don’t miss out on the opportunity.