Beware of the 4 dangerous D’s of driving

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Dangers can come from all sides when you are driving. Hence you need to maintain a broad overview of the road, looking forward, backward and sideways.

If a crash happens, you again need to take a broad view. This time to ensure you do not overlook anything that may explain why the collision occurred.

Here are four things that might explain why another driver crashed into you:


Even when someone is below the legal limit, the alcohol they consume reduces their driving ability.


The effects depend on what the person has taken.  Stimulants can cause people to take more risks or become more aggressive. Other drugs could relax them too much, while others remove them from their present reality, which is the only place drivers should be.

Even legal medications can harm driving ability. For instance, if a driver takes antihistamines to control their summer hayfever, it could cause drowsiness.


Being tired may not seem nearly as bad as being drunk or high on drugs. Yet studies show its effects on people’s ability to drive are similar.

When someone is exhausted, drunk, or takes certain drugs, they react slower and find simple decisions more difficult. Their mind may drift, and they may doze off monetarily like a nodding dog. None of which is good for driving.


Most drivers get distracted at some point. It can be hard not to with so much going on around. Yet driving a motor vehicle comes with massive responsibility, and drivers must do all they can to stay focused and avoid other demands on their attention.

If another driver has injured you in a crash, be sure to get legal help to investigate which of the dangerous D’s they may be guilty of.