Falling objects are a major risk for construction workers

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2022 | Worker's Compensation |

Many aspects of work on a construction site involve danger to the employees. Big machinery is always a workplace risk, as are trenches and working at a significant height. While there is no way to eliminate the dangers associated with construction work, it is possible to minimize individual risks. 

Workplace accident statistics from construction sites make it clear that there are certain trends. Specific kinds of accidents are more common than others and are also more likely to prove fatal. Struck-by accidents are among the most common causes of worker fatalities at construction sites. 

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) struck-by accidents, including when items fall and strike a worker, are a top risk, which means both construction workers and their employers should actively work to avoid them. 

Falling tools and equipment are a common source of struck-by incidents

Safety rules require that employers make efforts to prevent struck-by accidents. The potential for materials to fall while a crane lifts them up to a tenth-story rooftop is quite apparent. 

However, even smaller items, like individual power tools, can become deadly if they fall from a significant elevation and strike a person or an object near them. OSHA also has rules that require fall prevention devices for workers and also protection from falling objects on worksite walkways. 

Even when the company adheres to those rules and workers try their best to stay safe on the job, people do sometimes still get hurt. Those recovering from a construction accident may be able to seek workers’ compensation benefits for their medical expenses and any lost wages they incur because of their struck by injury.