Maintaining your bicycle will help with safety 

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If you’ve just collected your new bike from the store, it is most likely gleaming and ready to go. It didn’t get into this condition by itself, and it won’t stay that way without some effort. 

Maintaining your bike brings numerous benefits. For instance, your bike will last a lot longer if you look after it, saving you the cost of getting a new one within a short period. Perhaps most importantly, bicycle maintenance contributes greatly to keeping you safe. By taking the following steps, you could make yourself safer on your travels. 

Brakes and tires

While every aspect of your bicycle is important, your brakes and tires are arguably the most important for your safety. You need your tires to be in prime condition so that they can grip the roads. This means that they need to have adequate tread and must be inflated to suitable pressures. If you notice any tire damage such as cracking, you may want to seek a replacement if the problem cannot be fixed. 

Simply put, you need your brakes to slow you down. If they are faulty or poorly maintained, then you are running the risk of not being able to stop should you need to. Again, if you spot a fault then it needs to be fixed promptly before you use the bike again. There are also a number of ways that you can check your brakes at home, before setting off. 

Bolts must be tightened

As you cycle, your bike is subjected to different vibrations. This can result in nuts and bolts rattling to the point that they become loose. If something does become loose, you might hear a rattling noise. If you hear this when out on the road, it is probably best to jump off until you can get the problem sorted. Checking the tightness of all the key components of your bicycle before setting off is a useful habit to gain.

Bicycle maintenance is only one aspect of safety. Unfortunately, you can only account for yourself and you cannot control the behavior of other people. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, then remember that you have legal rights