Will insurance help you after a cycling accident leaves you hurt?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Cycling is a popular activity in the greater San Diego area. Thousands of people take to the streets on self-propelled vehicles for sports or for their daily commute to work. Like people driving motor vehicles, most cyclists will reach their destination with no problem.

However, a small percentage of cyclists will eventually get into a crash with a motor vehicle. These crashes can result in severe injuries to the cyclist and the complete destruction of the bicycle. Will insurance protect you in the event of a collision when you are out on your bike?

The driver’s policy may protect you

When a driver pays for liability insurance, it applies to any collision that they cause, not just a crash with another motor vehicle. If the person in the car is the one at fault for the wreck, a cyclist hurt in a crash can potentially file an insurance claim against their policy.

What if the driver doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t carry very much insurance? You could have injuries that require extensive surgery or a prestige bike worth thousands. Who covers those costs?

 You may have insurance that applies

Many people who are cyclists also have motor vehicles. Your car insurance liability policy may protect you in the event of a crash with an uninsured driver. Unfortunately, the policies available to those who bike without driving a car usually only cover basic liability or damage to their bicycle, not the risk of an uninsured driver.

People who bike exclusively and do not have a car insurance policy may be able to make a claim against their homeowner’s policy or renter’s insurance policy if they cause property damage or injuries to others on their bicycles. 

Protecting yourself when insurance won’t help

Many cyclists will find that they have more losses than insurance coverage after a significant crash. If a driver hurt you and did not have enough insurance to compensate you, you can potentially take them to civil courts to recoup medical expenses, lost wages and property damage expenses, like the cost to replace your bicycle.

Learning more about how insurance functions after a bike crash is important for those who frequently cycle on public roads.