How serious is your risk for a bicycle crash in San Diego?

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San Diego has exceptional weather for those who want to engage in outdoor activities. Despite sprawling over hundreds of square miles, the San Diego area is still incredibly bikeable. Some local employers even try to encourage cycling as an alternative form of transportation by their workers who have to commute.

If you have started to consider biking to work every day or just joining a riding group to get out and explore the city on two wheels, the only thing stopping you might be concern about your safety. How likely are you to encounter risks while on your bike on the San Diego streets?

There are hundreds of reported bike crashes every year

San Diego sees an average of five bicyclist deaths every year. Compared with the average 20 pedestrian deaths, that is not a particularly high number. Still, it represents a 1% fatality rate based on about 500 vehicle-bicycle crashes reported each year.

The vast majority of bicycle crashes will result in injury. Only 25 of those 500 collisions result in no injury to the cyclist. The other cyclists will suffer injuries of varying severity. While even the single traffic fatality is a tragedy, overall the traffic statistics in San Diego are positive.

The right safety practices and gear could allow you to join the ranks of the thousands of people across the city that enjoy cycling for transportation or exercise. 

How can you protect yourself while on your bike?

Staying safe while cycling is a major concern, but there are certain things that you can do to decrease your chances of getting hurt. Investing in a good helmet is smart, as it may be the single most crucial piece of safety gear for modern cyclists.

Making sure that you and your bike are visible to drivers is another important concern. Many cycling crashes are the result of the drivers failing to notice a bicyclist near them. Cyclists may be able to make a claim against the driver’s insurance or even file a personal injury claim against them for medical expenses and lost wages. You may also want to consider taking out a special insurance policy if you bike frequently.

Knowing your rights before you get into a bicycle crash will make it easier to stand up for them after one.