4 tips to improve safety on a construction site 

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Worker's Compensation |

Workers across the country are faced with potential hazards in the workplace each day. However, construction workers are frequently exposed to dangers that could have catastrophic consequences. 

For example, an incident with heavy-duty machinery could lead to a crush injury, which could be life-changing. Additionally, construction workers are often tasked with working from heights. Again, a fall from a great height can be devastating and even potentially fatal. 

As a result, it is important to consider ways in which the safety of a construction site can be improved. Outlined below are some key safety features, some of which are enshrined in federal law.

Inspect ladders before use

Getting into the habit of inspecting ladders before using them could prevent incidents. Common signs that a ladder may not be suitable for use include cracks, structural damage, grease on the surface and missing parts. If defective ladders are discovered, they should be clearly marked so that people know not to use them and they are disposed of appropriately. 

Ensure stairways are safe

It is a common occurrence for accidents to happen on stairways. Slippery stairways can cause devastating falls, so it is vital to correct them immediately. Furthermore, ensure that the route is clear from trip and fall hazards at all times. 

Use cranes appropriately

Cranes will typically have a maximum load capacity that should never be exceeded. Additionally, chains, ropes and hooks should be routinely checked for any signs of wear and tear. Crucially, crane loads should never be moved in close proximity to electrical lines. 

Make sure scaffolding is safe

Millions of people rely on scaffolding each day. Therefore, it is vital that scaffolding is never supported by an unstable base. Also, safety rails and guards should be installed where necessary. Scaffolding should be inspected on a regular basis and defective scaffolding should never be used. 

Knowing some common causes of construction site accidents and how to prevent them could protect you. If you have been involved in an accident, then you do have legal rights and protections. Find out more about the types of compensation you may be due.