What are my employer’s responsibilities after a work accident?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Worker's Compensation |

Most workers in San Diego think that their employers only workers’ compensation responsibility is to provide insurance to protect employees. However, state workers’ comp laws give them many other responsibilities.

If your employer does not comply with these laws, it could harm your claim. For example, employer non-compliance could lead to a claim denial or significant delays acquiring your benefits.

What does California law require?

Each state may have different employer requirements following a worker injury. Below are several examples of what employers must do after you report your injury in California.

  • Give you a workers’ compensation claim form to complete within one working day of the reported injury.
  • Give you a copy of the claim form within one working day after receiving the completed form from you.
  • Give the completed claim form and your injury or illness report to a claim administrator within one working day.
  • Authorize up to $10,000 for use in your medical treatment within one working day after receiving your claim.

After the injury, your employer must also follow through with any limitations or work restrictions ordered by your treatment provider. For example, if you can only perform light duty work tasks as you heal, your boss must comply.

These regulations exist to ensure the speedy processing of your claim and fast access to your benefits. Should your employer fail to adhere to these responsibilities and your claim results in denial, consider learning more about state workers’ comp laws.

In many cases, it is possible to appeal a claim denial successfully, enabling you to continue providing for your family as you recover. Getting experienced legal guidance can help you navigate the appeal process successfully.