Repetitive motion injuries can be treated

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What is a “repetitive motion injury?” When a worker goes home at the end of the day with their wrist aching, they may believe they did something to hurt themselves. Only, they don’t know what they are doing. They may go through every minute of their day, but they still may not figure out what is making their arm hurt.

After they go to their doctor and get a diagnosis of repetitive motion injury, they understand a little more. This type of injury happens when the worker makes the same motion over and over during the day. This includes scanning groceries for customers or typing thousands of words a day.

This injury may lead to a condition called “carpal tunnel syndrome.” The worker’s wrist has a tiny tunnel (the carpal tunnel). The tunnel is filled by the median nerve, ligaments and tendons. Ligaments and tendons are the connections between the bones in the hand and the muscles in the forearm.

In this type of injury, the median nerve is pressed by swollen ligaments and tendons. This makes the worker’s wrist and arm hurt.

Treatment can help

After they have received a diagnosis, the person may get therapy to help the swelling in their wrist to go away. These therapies include:

  • exercises to stretch the wrist and make it stronger
  • conditioning exercises
  • braces or splints
  • methods to manage the pain
  • using heat or cold to make the pain hurt let

Is it my fault?

This is not the person’s fault. They were doing the work given to them by their supervisor. The company where the worker is employed may not have given employees the right type of work equipment to use so they can prevent this injury. If they get the help and the equipment they need, they may be able to continue working. They may also know that it will be harder for them to get hurt again, if they have the right equipment.