Do you know the Focus Four risks for construction workers?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2021 | Worker's Compensation |

Job risks for construction workers come in all kinds of forms, and it is almost impossible to predict the exact risks that someone will face on the job.

However, statistics looking at workplace accidents involving construction professionals make it clear that four kinds of scenarios lead to more injuries and worker deaths than any other circumstances that occur in construction.

Once called the Fatal Four, these top job risks are now called the Focus Four. Identifying these risks in your workplace can help you stay safer on the job.


Falling is one of the most significant risks on the job in construction. The higher the elevation at which you work, the greater the risk of injury associated with any fall that occurs. Proper safety equipment and training can go a long way toward preventing such incidents.

Struck-by incidents

People aren’t the only thing that could fall at a construction site. Tools, supplies and even machinery could wind up falling down from a significant elevation and striking people or vehicles below. Those struck by falling objects could suffer traumatic injuries or lose their balance and fall as well.

Caught-in/caught-between incidents

With plenty of moving equipment, heavy machinery and excavation, construction sites are rife with risk for people to get caught between two objects or caught in the machinery. An example of such a workplace accident would include a small mudslide in an excavation trench that pins a worker against the wall of the trench.


Working with wiring and installing electricity in the building is only one part of the electrical risk on construction sites. There’s also the possibility for equipment or tools to sever electrical supply lines and cause harm to individuals nearby.

Workers hurt in any kind of incident, as well as family members who lose a loved one due to a construction incident, can often file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Sometimes, there may also be third-party liability, such as when a worker gets hurt by a defective product or a person driving a car.

Knowing about your rights after a construction incident can make it easier to take the right steps to protect yourself and your family.