Do not rush at work. It can lead to serious injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | Worker's Compensation |

You want to work quickly, both because you have a strict schedule to meet and because you value production. Many workers feel like they’re in a rush from the moment they get to work to the moment they leave.

But are there hidden problems with this mindset? 

Rushing doesn’t save time or money if you get injured

Workers who rush are typically trying to save money or save time. While they may not even necessarily value those savings, they may have a boss who does. American society is completely based around production and workers are told to hurry constantly. 

The issue, though, is that studies find higher injury rates when workers are in a hurry. They make more mistakes. They commit errors. They cut corners. They ignore safety procedures. 

Take, for instance, a roofer who is in a hurry to put on the last row of shingles. They know they should be wearing a harness so they don’t fall, but they haven’t fallen at all on this job. It feels safe. Putting on the harness takes time. If they skip it and then have the bad luck to slip and fall, just to save a few minutes, they can be severely injured. 

In hindsight, no one benefits from rushing. When a worker is injured, it doesn’t save the company any time or money. It’s better to do things safely and in a controlled manner, regardless of the nature of the job. 

If you have been injured, perhaps because someone around you was rushing or because you felt pressure to do so, make sure you know how to get workers’ compensation for your costs