Crash in San Diego tunnel leads to multiple injuries, deaths

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A death due to a dangerous driver is one of the worst losses people can experience. Whether it’s a child, an adult or an elder, losing someone suddenly is painful and a shock to the system — especially when the cause of the death could have so easily been prevented with more care.

It’s reasonable for families to want to seek action against the driver responsible for a loved one’s death, and they do have a right to do so. Sometimes, it can be difficult to clearly determine the liability for a serious wreck when there are multiple victims involved. 

A San Diego crash affects nine people

Consider the following case in San Diego: A 71-year-old man was allegedly impaired when he crashed into a group of homeless people who were sheltering under a tunnel. The man has since pleaded not guilty to the charges of causing the deadly crash.

The police reported that nine people were injured in the crash, and three men were killed. Five people who were involved were hospitalized, and some of those people were critically injured. Only one person walked away from the crash after being struck and reported not having any serious wounds. The three people who passed away were identified as being 40, 61 and 65 years of age.

At the moment, this driver faces charges such as felony DUI, gross vehicular manslaughter and causing great bodily injury while committing a felony. While he’s certainly likely to bear liability for the crash, there’s always the possibility that the insurance company will try to blame some of the victims for their own injuries by saying that they were in a spot that put them in danger. It’s also possible that the city may bear some liability for allowing people to shelter in a dangerous area. 

When a crash is complicated, seek help

In this kind of cash, the reality is that many people and their families will have claims for the carnage. All of those people have a right to seek fair compensation for injuries and deaths that resulted from a driver’s behaviors, but insurance companies seldom play fair. Working with an experienced attorney is your best bet for justice.