Don’t follow that hit-and-run driver

| Feb 24, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

A hit-and-run accident feels fundamentally unfair. You’re already angry that someone hit you and potentially injured you or others in the car. But then they simply drive off, trying to run from their mistake and making your life worse. That’s when many people try to chase down the other driver to make sure they face justice.

Why you shouldn’t do it

All of these feelings are understandable. They are. But you still should not chase that driver.

For one thing, drivers are legally required to stay at the accident scene. Yes, the other driver may have broken the law and run, but you still need to stay. Call the police, wait for them to arrive and don’t risk breaking any laws yourself.

Chasing a hit-and-run driver is always dangerous. They may speed, run red lights and take other drastic steps to get away. If you engage in this behavior, you could cause an accident that injures someone else. Don’t put other people at risk.

Finally, police can often track down hit-and-run drivers. In today’s world where cameras are everywhere, there is often footage of the crash. They can also talk to you and other witnesses. Police can often predict the type of damage that the other car sustained, which is very hard to hide. You shouldn’t chase the other driver because the police can do the job much more safely and efficiently after the fact.

What you should do instead

Instead of putting your energy into catching that person, focus on getting proper medical treatment for yourself and anyone else in the car. Then start looking into your legal options. You may be able to seek compensation once the officers apprehend the driver who caused the crash.