Dog bites, scratches and other actions could lead to costly injuries

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Owners who do not control their pets can be held liable for any injuries that their pets cause. If you’ve been attacked by a dog and are now dealing with medical issues as a result, it’s important that you know you can pursue compensation from the at-fault owner.

Animal bites have the potential to lead to disfigurement, long-term pain, infections and other issues. In reality, the dog is only partially at fault because the owner should have taken steps to prevent them from harming anyone they were around.

It’s not just bites that are a hazard

In truth, you can also fight for compensation when you’re hurt by an animal in other ways. For example, if you are pushed down the stairs when a dog jumps up onto you, you could file a claim against the owner for their dog’s actions. Similarly, if you are scratched by a dog or cat and end up in the hospital with a serious infection, the owner should be responsible for the medical care that you have to receive.

Who pays when an animal attacks or causes injuries?

Usually, a person’s homeowner’s insurance or liability insurance will cover any injuries that someone else suffers as a result of a dog bite or other kind of animal-related injury. Keep in mind that these insurance companies may try to lowball you with a settlement that isn’t fair.

That’s one good reason why you may want to have the insurance company speak with your attorney to negotiate while you focus on your health. Our site has more on what to expect if you decide to make a claim after an animal-related injury.